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I want to share my story with you. I am a senior citizen who danced regularly until COVID shutdown our community. After years of not dancing and my wife no longer able to dance, I wanted to rejoin the dance community. On this road of re-discovery, I joined one of Maria and Derrik’s dance classes and have continued with them to this day.

Their teaching reflects an Advent-Garde approach that is new and innovative. Where strict traditional teaching has been modified for an easier approach to learn or enhance one’s dancing. I have developed a sense of flowing with the music with less emphasis on pure structure. It is an easier way to live and dance! With those with physical limitations such as myself they demonstrate ways to successfully deal with one’s disabilities.

Maria and Derrik’s approach provides a sense of family where everyone is cared for and accepted. Together their interactive teaching approach with each other is delightful. I think they could become a great comedy team.

Charles "Al" Huth

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